Hi, I'm Rob. I'm a 32 year old software and platform engineer living in NYC, where I work for the financial services startup PayPerks. I love solving interesting problems and building useful things.

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Masterless Puppet with Fabric

Sometimes you have a small environment and don’t require a Puppetmaster. In cases like these, I like using Fabric to complement my workflow. Here’s a nice example of such a workflow. This fabfile.py sits in a repository containing my puppet manifests:

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Multi-machine Vagrant Environments

Vagrant is a really powerful tool. I use it frequently for testing various things related to my work at PayPerks. One of the most powerful features is multi-machine environments.

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Bash one-liners: Condition-based variables

Here’s a useful way to set variables based on a condition using bash:

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s3cmd: No such file or directory

If you’ve ever used s3cmd and are using encryption support,
then you might run into this problem when uploading a file to s3:

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My First Post

I’ve been wanting to start my blog for a while now. Mostly because I’d like to have a place to share my “debug logs”. I was introduced to the concept by a post in Hacker News.

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